Coronavirus (Covid-19) update

In this unprecedented and unpredictable scenario we will be effectively ‘pausing’ our clubs and will liaise with schools when possible as to the possibility of continuing the clubs when schools resume operation, this would be our ideal intention. Please contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

Creator Clay

Our ‘Creator Clay’ is uniquely made for us. It’s not like any other clay you’ve seen before – It air dries!

After making a model the clay is already drying and after 24-48 hours it dries to a firm, but spongy feel. No baking, curing or sealing, all the fun and no mess!

Our Classes

All our teachers are crb/dbs checked for your piece of mind. We’ve also been approved by all the schools in which we run classes.

Our classes run according to your school’s guidelines in a safe, friendly and fun manner. Kids love it as they get to keep every creation they make!

Always in touch

We want you to know how your child is progressing with us.

So apart from seeing all their own models they’ll bring home, we’ll also email you with the related facts and other info they’ve learnt so you can engage with them.