This Key Stage 1 Educational Kit contains tools, our measuring card, measuring spoons, plus of course our amazing air-drying Creator Clay! Included is 2 tubs of each of our 5 colours. You can magically mix our 5 colours to make new ones too! Along with our model plans, there’s loads of free, fun and educational activities, quizzes, colouring sheets and more to print out and enjoy. The Clay Creators kits are an amazing way for your children to learn through play!

Benefits of each kit?

  • Make fantastic models that air dry
  • Measure different amounts of clay using measuring spoons
  • Mix different colours to make new colours and shades
  • Model plans follow S.T.E.M guidelines and enhance fine motor skills
  • Kids learn educational facts about each model they build… have fun testing them!
  • Access hours of free video model plans, activities sheets, colouring sheets and more
  • Unlike other types of clay, ours come in air-tight tubs to keep it soft and usable.

The measuring spoons are key to following our ever-growing online library of Clay Creator model plans. They enable children in the Key Stage 1 age range to easily follow the plans to measure the correct amount of clay when required. The spoons also encourage number recognition whilst enhancing fine motor skills. This kit is aimed at Key Stage 1, however if your child shows ability at playing and building with clay, then with assistance the kit could be suitable for younger children. We also offer a Key Stage 2 Educational kit that contains digital scales to follow our KS2 online model plans, or you can just purchase a set of our digital scales to upgrade your existing kit.

Each Key Stage 1 kit includes:

  • 10 x 20g tubs of Creator Clay (2 of each of our colours)
  • 1 x measuring spoons to follow ours and other online model plans
  • 1 x creator card to measure length, diameter and more
  • 1 x set of 3 tools to help sculpt, divide and detail your clay
  • 1 x ‘Essentials’ info sheet to explain how to use the clay, mix colours and more
  • Free delivery
Spoons and tools may differ from those shown and will be of same quality/function.