Our Creator Clay is no-mess, air dries, fun to play with and meets all safety standards proudly showing the CE mark.

It’s not like traditional brown modelling clay and doesn’t come with any of that mess. We supply our clay in air-tight tubs so you can easily take out the amount you need and reseal the rest! Our clay is smooth and slightly sticky to enable different clay to stick together when building your models. Once you’ve completed your model, just stick it somewhere safe to dry over 24-48 hours, with it becoming stiffer and lighter as it dries.

It’s magical too in that you can mix colours together to make new ones! For example, mix our yellow and blue clay together to make green, allowing you to create a variety of colours, shades and hues, perfect for your creations!

If you’re sticking fresh clay onto clay that’s already dried, then just add a drop of water to the dry clay and it’ll become a little sticky, allowing you to get even more creative.

If the clay gets on clothes or a carpet, you can just pick it straight back up. If it gets worked into any of these surfaces then just wait for it to dry a little and then you can brush it out. You can also wash clothes too to remove any stuck clay.