NOTE: These measurements are what we used to make our butterflies, why not use the measurements but use different colours to make yours unique. Get creative and use your imagination!

The approximate amount of clay required for both the Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2 educational model plans are shown below. You can use these as a guide to ensure you have enough clay to build the model based on our plan.

Key Stage 1
Yellow – 1 x No.4 spoon and 1cm ball
Red – 1 x No.5 and 1 x No.1 Spoon
Blue – 1cm ball
Black – 1 x No.2 spoon and 1.5cm ball

Key Stage 2
Yellow – 3.00 grams
Blue – 2.00 grams
Black – 1.00 gram

For both levels you can use additional 1cm balls of any colour for decoration.